Q. Why is it important to maintain our A/C system?

A. You wouldn't buy a brand-new car and expect to never have to put air in the tires, change the oil and check out any unusual noises, would you? Well, in the same way it is important to have regular inspections of your home comfort system by a one of our expert technicians.

Q. When I replace the outdoor unit must I change the indoor as well?

A. The Answer is most likely yes. With Today’s technology and refrigerant the older systems are not compatible with what is available today.

Q. What should I know about changes in refrigerants?

A. To protect our environment, numerous changes have taken place with refrigerants used in air conditioning systems. These changes are having and will continue to have a significant impact on the air conditioning industry.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through the Clean Air Act, is regulating the production and use of refrigerants. These changes will eventually eliminate air conditioning and heat pump refrigerants containing chlorine because of the concern about depletion of the ozone layer.

In response, Cool Living is offering environmentally friendlier refrigerants. The chlorine-free refrigerant R410A will reduce damage to the ozone. R410A is used by all manufacturers but is often marketed under different names.

Although the government has begun phasing out a commonly used refrigerant, consumers who have cooling systems that use this product should not worry. The HCFC family of refrigerants, which include R22, will still be available for many years. Sufficient quantities of R22 refrigerant will continue to be produced until the year 2020. After 2020, recycled refrigerants will be available for many years.

Q. Do you need a building permit to have my A/C installed?

A. The Answer to that is no. Unless The A/C system that you are installing requires that modifications be done to the